Internet Marketing

All-Inclusive SEO Service

Because search engines rely on the quality of their search results as their main business model, it’s in their best interest to supply their users with the best possible information for their respective searches. For this reason, search engines are constantly modifying their algorithms to lessen the impact (or in some cases, even ‘punish’) the implementation of various tricks and cheats.

For this reason, true search engine optimization includes providing useful, relevant, and well-organized content for your users. This involves understanding your users, and providing them a useful SEO-friendly design.

SEO Keyword and Competitor Research

Research is an important part of any SEO campaign. What are users searching for? Which keywords convert better? The answer is not as simple as it seems, but our research tools and combined marketing/advertising and web analytics experience will ensure your SEO campaign’s efficiency.

Perhaps the phrases with the most search volume are already saturated with competitors who’ve been optimizing for some time. What have your competitors been doing right or wrong, and how can we ensure we’re repeating their successes and avoiding their failures?

Furthermore, is a sizeable portion of those searches may be for research purposes only. You may be better off starting off by optimizing for a larger set of less competitive but higher converting keywords that are easier to rank for, and gunning for those more competitive keywords further along the road when you’ve turned a profit and increased brand awareness in your niche.

ROI (Return on Investment) Analysis

Needless to say, you have a business to grow and a budget to maintain. Our SEO/ROI Analysis will help ensure that your marketing budget is being used in the most efficient manner. Our goal is to not just increase your site’s rankings, but to maximize revenue/conversions/brand awareness while minimizing your costs.

Full copywriting or copy-editing SEO services

Because, useful, relevant, and keyword-rich content is an important aspect of SEO, we provide professional, well-researched copywriting and copy editing for your website. On one hand, your target keywords should have a significant presence on your site. On the other hand, keyword-stuffing is not only unaesthetic and therefore likely to cause your users to turn away, but it can lead to potential lowered rankings. For this reason, we provide copywriting that has the perfect balance between useful relevance to maximize conversions/visitor loyalty, and effective keyword density that increases search engine rankings for relevant keywords.

Google AdWords/Pay-Per-Click Campaigns

Google AdWords is the most successful Pay-Per-Click program out there, and it’s a great way to supplement your SEO efforts. PPC will allow you to maintain top rankings on the sponsored links section while we increase your organic rankings. And once we do get your rankings toward the top of the page, it may still be in your best interest to maintain PPC listings on the bottom half of the page, thereby maximizing your search engine presence.

We are pleased to share the fact that we are Google AdWords certified.

Web Analytics: Google Analytics & Webmaster Tools

Maintaining awareness of you website’s online presence is the key to understanding how best to improve your rankings as well as conversions. Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools are completely free tools (courtesy of Google) that allow webmasters and marketers alike to better understand their user’s activities (how they’re finding your website, and what they’re doing once they get there). As a result, these webmasters and marketers can make more intelligent decisions moving forward.

We are pleased to share the fact that we are Google Analytics Certified.