Web Copywriting

Web Copywriting

The knowledgeable and experienced copywriters at Exact Latitude understand the importance of creating content that is topical, timely, compelling, and easily absorbed and shared.  You have a message.  You have goals.  And Exact Latitude can help you to convey your core message, engage readers, compel action, and ultimately, meet your business goals in the process.  Do you want to be seen as an authority in your field?  Are you interested in reaching consumers on a personal level and inspiring brand loyalty?  Do you want to become a household name?  Reaching these goals takes time and money.  But everything can happen more quickly and easily in the online arena.  And Exact Latitude offers the custom copywriting services that will reflect your ideals, build your brand, and grab and hold the attention of readers.

Copywritng for Web: The Difference

Copywriting for the web is different than for any other medium.  Online browsers have a short attention span and nearly unlimited options.  So you want them to find you first and discover relevant content when they do.  Exact Latitude can deliver on both fronts.  First and foremost, our creative copywriting staff can address your particular brand goals and challenges in order to design the quality content that satisfies your needs and attracts the attention of your core demographics.  High quality copy will inform and entertain readers, engaging them on both an intellectual and emotional level while still expressing your message.  But of course, they have to find it first.

Exact Latitude has a proven track record where SEO, page rank, and conversions are concerned.  With time-tested strategies and a deep understanding of search engine operations and metrics to go by, we’ll help every client to craft a targeted approach to the marriage of quality content and keyword integration that will deliver results where both conversions and time spent on your site are concerned.  If you’re having problems with a lack of traffic and/or bounce rates, quality copy with the inclusion of SEO is the best way to turn your website or blog around.

Skilled Copywriting Staff

Of course, traffic and conversions are only a part of the picture.  The best content also begs to be shared.  The copywriters at Exact Latitude are trained to craft and optimize content for the purposes of sharing via social media outlets.  Likes, shares, reposts, and linking are all important aspects of your overall content strategy, and organic linking is essential if you want to achieve the best possible search engine rankings.  The skilled copywriting staff at Exact Latitude is cognizant of the multifaceted approach required to help modern businesses meet their myriad goals through content creation.  And they’re prepared to pool their cumulative expertise on behalf of every client looking to expand their online presence, create loyal patrons, and virtually grow their business.

Your content should elevate your brand.  It should deliver a message, attract and captivate your target audience, compel viewers to share, increase traffic and page rank, and ultimately, lead to sales, loyal patronage, and a community of followers.  Most businesses have neither the time nor the inclination to learn how to accomplish these goals alone.  Exact Latitude can offer the web copywriting services that will take your brand to the next level, leaving you free to manage your growing business.