Services Overview

Our purpose is to bring you increased site traffic and with it, increased revenue/conversions, and/or brand awareness. With over a decade of proven Search Engine Optimization experience and a thorough understanding of marketing and business strategies, Exact Latitude uses proven SEO techniques to increase search engine traffic to your site.

SEO: A Must for Quality Customer Acquisition

Not all traffic is equal. Search engine traffic is known for bringing new, and highly relevant customers who already have in mind what they are looking for and are likely to come back as repeat visitors/buyers.

What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, which refers optimizing a website to rank higher in various search engines. While there ar various techniques involved, SEO really involved careful research, planning, implementation, and refining. It is more of process than a series of tips and tricks. The fate of
commercial websites are often determined by the amount of search engine traffic they receive. An effectively optimized website receives a great deal of traffic, and conversions follow naturally. On the other hand, a site without optimization may as well be nonexistent. Learn more

SEO Keyword and Competitor Research

Research is an important part of any SEO campaign. That’s why we take the time to ensure your SEO campaign is headed in the right direction. You’ll benefit from our years of experience in using SEO for growing a business.

ROI (Return on Investment) Analysis

Obviously you have a bottom line to maintain. We are the biggest believers in accountability. That’s why we take the time to track our time and resource usage and provide ongoing reports of what you can expect from our efforts. In addition, we provide ongoing reports during as well as after your SEO campaign in order to provide ongoing accountability.

Full copywriting & copy-editing SEO services

Reading on the web is different than reading on traditional print mediums. On the web, readers are less patient and are always ready to move onto the next website. On the other hand, search engine spiders like text-heavy content and the more your relevant keywords appear in the text, the more importance the search engines will place on your pages. Our team of copywriters have years of experience in walking (or rather, writing) this fine line between user-friendly and keyword-rich text.

Google Adwords/Pay-Per-Click Campaigns

As Google AdWords specialists, we know how to use Google AdWords/Pay-Per-Click to compliment your SEO campaign. Furthermore, while SEO efforts take time to factor our, the effects of PPC implementation and optimization can be seen immediately. So aside from providing a quick source for traffic, it also provides for recon-style research in finding your more profitable keywords.

Web Analytics: Google Analytics & Webmaster Tools

As Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools specialists, we can provide ongoing reports on our SEO progress. With Google Analytics , we can report on precisely how much traffic our SEO efforts have resulted in. For e-commerce sites, we can also provide reporting on increased revenue. With Google Webmaster Tools we can learn more about how the search engine spiders are crawling your website. This gives us further insight on how your website’s architecture can be modified for further SEO improvement.