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Long Beach: A Hotbed of SoCal Business and Commerce

Considering putting down roots in Southern California? Whether you’re starting a company or simply looking for a place to live, Long Beach has a welcoming culture and a robust economy. Here are some facts that might come in handy.

A Brief Background

Long Beach has been a hub of Californian civilization since time immemorial. From 10,000 years of Native American culture to the cattle ranches of the 1600s and beyond, the area has long been associated with prosperity.

The rancher way of life persisted until the discovery and exploitation of oil reserves in the early 20th century. Around the same time, the coastal region began growing its reputation as a seaside resort town. Close proximity to the ocean made this a foothold for Naval shipyards and expansive commercial port activities. Along with a growing immigrant culture that placed a high value on hard work, these facilities would become critically important during war efforts in the 1940s.

The Current Era

Centuries of population expansion and community building laid the foundations for a modern commercial landscape. Although the Navy base and other industries eventually closed, their populations of skilled workers and reputation for strong work ethics created footholds for other industries that persist to this day. Aerospace companies, vehicle parts manufacturers and electronics firms all have headquarters or facilities in Long Beach.

The area’s unique background and proximity to Los Angeles aren’t the only factors that boost its economic standing. The Port of Long Beach is the second-most active commercial container seaport in the country. In addition to providing jobs for some 30,000 Long Beach locals and 316,000 Californians, it’s responsible for 1.4 million jobs nationwide and around $16 billion in yearly wages across the state. It also participates in innovative environmental initiatives and establishes policies that set international examples for management and efficiency.

This city hosts a number of financial institutions and investment companies. Healthcare facilities and other social service providers call the city home, and the region’s glamor attracts production and film companies from nearby Hollywood. A significant percentage of local employment positions are held by professionals in education and tourism.

Potential Corporate Advantages

Great weather and palm-tree lined shores aren’t the only factors that attract companies to Long Beach. The city has historically been extremely friendly to entrepreneurs and established enterprises. The loss of major employers over the years made the local government more willing to offer services and help connect business owners with support.  The location also puts companies in close proximity to countless Los Angeles marketing companies.

Companies that want to make names for their brands here can count on ample assistance when it comes to seeking grants, state incentives, and financial assistance. The city’s Economic and Prosperity Development Department offers workshops and introduces businesses to various departments and programs. These resources help companies do everything from finding competitive pricing on utilities to improving their chances of obtaining permits or getting low-cost business licenses complete with favorable tax rates.

Of the 43,731 companies located in the city in 2012, around 18,000, or 41 percent, were women-owned. This was slightly more favorable than the national average’s approximate 37 percent women-owned businesses. With ownership stakes in more than half of Long Beach companies, minorities were far better off than they were in the U.S. at large, which makes sense considering the city’s long-held custom of welcoming diversity.

Prospects for Individuals

Long Beach’s economic abundance isn’t limited to big companies. From 2011 to 2015, 65.6 percent of the population participated in the civilian labor force. This was around two percent higher than the national average. Although the 5.7 percent unemployment rate was slightly more than the country’s 5.2 percent, job growth was about on par with U.S. statistics.

Could establishing yourself in Long Beach be a smart move? Continued investment by international companies, entertainment enterprises, hospitality firms and tech concerns seem to bode well for those who come to live or work here. Of course, not everyone will find it to be a good fit, but it’s hard to deny that Long Beach and the surrounding regions are rife with business and job opportunities for those with sufficient self-motivation.

SEO in Long Beach

What is SEO

In the digital world SEO can make or break a company. It applies to every business in every industry. It is critically important to understand what SEO is and what it can do for a company that wants to stay competitive in the business world. Every potential customer that clicks on a competitor’s website is a customer lost.

What is SEO

SEO stands for search engine optimization. This is the process by which a website gets ranked in free search engines such as Google, Yahoo, or Bing. When someone logs on to these search engines, pages of websites will come up. Where a website falls on those pages is determined by a search engine optimization algorithm. Most people will start at the top and click on the top few websites until they find what they are looking for. Few people get more than a page or two into their search. Every website is fighting for those top few positions or rankings on those website listings.

There are literally thousands of digital marketing agencies that design and develop websites with the sole intention of improving a company’s website ranking. In addition, companies are constantly changing their websites and updating their content to get into and keep a top position in the rankings. Google itself is constantly changing their algorithms to determine which websites deserve the top positions.

Why SEO Rankings Matter

Digital marketing is more important now than ever before as the world is getting more mobile. Higher rankings means more people are walking into your digital business and looking around. More clicks on your website means more potential customers for your company. A higher ranking results in a broader customer base, more sales transactions, and high sales from each transaction. The growth for a business with a higher search engine optimization ranking has the potential to be exponential.

Banned Practices

In the past, people would try a variety of tactics to get their website ranked higher. Fortunately, Google and other popular search engines caught on to these disreputable practices. Now trying some of these tactics can get a company penalized or even banned completely if they are caught.

  • Stuffing keywords into titles or places where they are irrelevant
  • Hiding keyword text to get the keyword count higher, with no apparent reason
  • Link farms
  • Participating in link schemes
  • Posting your link on irrelevant and unrelated forums, blogs, and websites

While most of these practices are banned outright, some are considered more “gray” areas. A business might get away with something, but the bottom line is that they will not be able to turn that potential customer into a sale with bad website practices.

How To Legitimately Raise A Website Rating

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There are several legitimate ways that honest website owners can raise their ratings.

– Provide good high quality content. This is the #1 rule in designing a good website that will get a higher rating. Know what the customer is looking for and provide the answers in a clear and concise way. Write high quality content for customers, not for a Google algorithm. Your website is designed to influence people, so think like a customer and write what people want to read.

– Link to other high quality related websites. Links are an important aspect to website ratings. The more links that point to your website, the higher your rating will be. Even more important than the number of links, however, is the quality of the link. Larger, more reputable websites count heavier than a simple blog. In addition, links from websites with related content also carry more weight than random links. Finally, links from many different websites is more important than several links from the same website.

While links can certainly help your website rating, there are some problems with them. It can be difficult to get a link from a larger well-established website. Some websites block links altogether to help them to fight spam. Also, links can get bought and sold which makes them less valuable as a measuring tool.

– Get active in social media. Social media, such as Facebook, Twitter, or Google+ is another great way to get your company seen by potential customers as well as raise your website’s rating. Just like links, social accounts with good reputations are more valuable than random accounts. Having your own social account is equally important, both for the search engine optimization ratings and to get your company out where potential customers can learn about you.

Set Measurable SEO Goals and Track the Results

It’s important to set goals and track the results if you want to know whether your website is effective in generating sales for your business. If you set a reasonable goal of increasing your customer base by 10% each month, for example, you can track those figures and you will know whether your website is effective. If you are not achieving your sales goals, perhaps your website needs some modifications. The better your website, the higher your ranking will be, and the more customers you will potentially reach.


Understanding how search engine optimization works will keep your company competitive and ensure that your investment in digital marketing is paying off with more customers and higher sales.